Bck To School #1

School is coming *noooooooooooo*…. For ones in 2 weeks for others in 1 month and a half and for the luckiest in 2 months so we have to start thinking about it! My first post about school is going to be all about how to dress for school. I hope you enjoy it!!!

#1 The simple but with colour

So this is my favourite of all them! It is very simple just dress up some jeans (or jeggings because they are more comfortable!), a white shirt and then add colour with your accesories!

Eva example.
Eva example.
My polyvore set
My polyvore set

#2 The Girly

When I am felling girly one I love to use dresses, skirts and verry colour full things.

niki example
niki example
my polyvore set
my polyvore set

#3 The casual sporty

This is the most comfortable of all them! For this one you have to have a very natural make up, keep your hair verry simple (like a bun or a pony tail) and then put on leggings or yoga pants and some hoodies.

Eva example
Eva example

#4 The Black Outfit

I love wearing black and grey! At some months ago I was always confused for what I would wear ,so my outfit of the day turned into the black little monster of the class. I start look for some inspiration so this were my results!

(ps.: put on some jean jacket like this!)
(ps.: put on some jean jacket like this!)


editar#5 The Disney inspired

If you love disney (as much as me) you just want to like dress like some princess or like minnie! At sometime ago I make some inspired by it on polyvore. Here are my favourites:

l (3)


l (1)


Next post: “School life hacks”

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